About Us





We are Amritha and Sharat. We are 2 roadmonkeys with a happy hippie spirit, sharing our journeys and experiences here. We are a couple from India currently residing in the United States. We love food, photography, and travel as much as we love each other 😉 Through 2RoadMonkeys, we hope that our travel stories and personal accounts of our experiences motivate you to travel and explore the places you have always dreamt about!



I am a twenty-something girl, still daydreaming of rainbow unicorns and snowflake smoothies!  I love people and poetry, sun and sand, books and brownies, and of course Sharat 😛 I am a dentist from India, currently preparing to go to dental school in the U.S. While I am at it, my favourite side-gig is to maintain an ever-growing bucket list of places to visit, plan bizarre vacation itineraries and persuade Sharat to make it happen! Travel is fun only with the right company 🙂


I am the mature (and boring?) one in the relationship. Being a software engineer, that part comes easy for me! Amritha makes detailed vacation plans, I take care of the reservation and booking. She thinks up all the fun activities to do and I somehow find ways to fit them in our schedule. I love experiencing new cultures, trying out local cuisines, learning new languages and documenting our travels through photos and videos. Also, I love all the adrenaline-filled adventures Amritha drags me into;)        

You can reach us at 2roadmonkeys@gmail.com. Keep traveling and keep exploring!

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